The £7000 Vehicle sold by a garage in bradford to a customer of mine

Registration: GU61EPO

These are all the images we collected along the way of the scrap vehicle that cost £7000.

I have no clue how this vehicle passed an MOT the shock mount had broken off the frame and ripped through the rear wiring loom thus shorting out the main power module and blowing the main fuse link under the bonnet.

There was more holes in the frame than there is a 1m sq cube of swiss cheese.

There was still a crack down the inside of the main frame where it had a previous broken back that was not repaired professionally.

The bed itself was only held on with 3 bolts as the mounts had completely corroded away from the frame and 2 of the mounts on the bed had rotted away.

With the total extent of the damage to this vehicle plus the corrosion this vehicle was not worth anymore than scrap value (£600 – £700)

The mot was obviously bent this vehicle should never have passed the MOT it had been given 8 weeks prior. This vehicle was unsafe to use and should not have been on the road. If this vehicle had been loaded with cargo and take out on the motorway anything could have happened.

These faults were certainly more excessive than normal wear and tear and the vehicle was certainly not worth £7000.




Work Commences

We started by removing all the rotted component mounts that would no longer do what they were designed to do including a severely corroded cross member.

We then removed the majority of rust and severely weekend steel from the frame with grinders and wire wheels  we then treated with rust treatment.

All areas that required new plates (over a dozen in total) including an area that had a crack from a previously broken back that was badly repaired were prepped for welding.

The amount of welding that was required on this frame was quite shocking i have

e no idea what the MOT station was thinking passing this vehicle.

Once we had finished the welding we then treated the vehicle again with rust treatment primer’d the frame and painted to protect the frame.

Both the main fuse link and the main power distribution module were then replaced and the wiring loom was repaired.

Due to the amount of rust and holes in this vehicle it took some extensive man time to strip prep and weld for this frame to b safe again.




This is the finished product of the work we carried out


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